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NICTURNA – For My Girls


I want to empower my female subjects. I want to showcase their beauty in an editorial style shoot that is led by me from concept stage to that final piece of digital art. It is the most gratifying type of shoot I can do. This is what I feel I was gifted with: the ability to see the best side of a woman and show her the strength and beauty in her uniqueness. My photographic passion is fully alive when shooting at night as if lit by the moon. I love ambient light and playing in the shadows. I want to roam nature with more women, heading out during the sunrise into a mountain lake, following the stars above or standing still breathing in the smells from a roaring waterfall. I have always wanted to offer a shoot to Women that was not just a headshot shoot or a boudoir shoot. I wanted it to feel more customized to their empowerment + their experience of going into nature at night and creating amazing images together. The locations and dates will be predetermined based on moon cycles and places that inspire me. Please head to the NICTURNA website for more info on contact and availability.