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NICTURNA – Kristin – Barrier Lake Sunrise

September 8, 2018 Beauty Portraits, boudoir, NICTURNA

Hello my friends, and a special hello to all my female followers this evening. I wanted to share this shoot with you as it was a very special one for me. A good friend came to me and said hey, I need a shoot to look forward to and make me feel amazing, I have NO clue what to do for it or where to do it or what kind of shoot it will be but I know I want you to shoot it! First off I was extremely flattered that she thought of me but also super stoked to be working with someone with ZERO expectations or criteria of what they wanted, ooooo that’s my kinda freedom haha! Thank you for allowing me to photograph you Kristin, you are just as beautiful inside as you are out. Lucky to call you my friend!!



PS This shoot had a call time of 3am, was an early one and YES we are in the freezing cold mountain fed lake water… haha!

How did the photoshoot make you feel?
I was super nervous going into it and didn’t think I could do it! I was even thinking of cancelling, but when Sofia showed me the first picture on the back of her camera it felt amazing. I felt so beautiful, sexy, and couldn’t believe it was actually me. I couldn’t wait to do the rest of the shoot it was so empowering.
What is your zodiac sign?
What was working with Sofia like?
Sofia was so involved in the shoot from start to finish. She asked for my opinions and called me before to talk about what the shoot would be like. I’m not a model so she took the lead when she needed to and helped me pose and feel comfortable. It helps that she’s hilarious and we get along so well. She makes you feel important and uplifts you the entire time.
Who would you recommend this type of photoshoot to?
Anybody who needs to find their inner goddess. And pick up their crown and wear it tall and proud. Somebody who maybe lost or is looking for their confidence; Sofia can help with that.
Anything else you wanna add about your experience?
I just can’t say enough about how great of an experience this was with Sofia. I wasn’t expecting it to be what it was and I’m so grateful to have had the courage to do it because it was so worth it and I can’t wait to do more! Even though it was fucking freezing, it was worth every second. 😉

Makeup. Alyssa Steinhubl

Hair. Erin Haynes

Gemstone Crown. Juniper Tree Designs

Calgary boudoir photographer_1262.jpg
Calgary boudoir photographer_1263.jpg
Calgary boudoir photographer_1264.jpg
Calgary boudoir photographer_1265.jpg

Still some mini shoots available for this weekend in this very location!! Woohoo!!

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