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Marry Me Sasha | Secret Proposal in the Moutnains | Canmore Proposal Photography

December 17, 2018 Engagements, MAternity

Hello Friends!

My good pal from Hinton, Sasha got engaged to her boyfriend Kyle!! He sneakily got me to capture it all go down while Sasha just thought it was a maternity shoot. hehehehe! I am starting to love these secret shoots!! I have known Sasha and her family for years and even shot her Sister Shawna’s wedding years ago. She is also the very talented painter and I have a commiosioned piece of art from her in my home. She is a VERY talented painter and you can peek at her work HERE. Here is some words from the newly engaged couple:

Tinderella introduced the couple in September of 2016.

Their 1st date started at a farmer’s market at 9am and they didn’t part till almost 11pm that same day <3

The couple is expecting their first child very soon! Baby is due January 11th 2019!

Sasha, what do you love about Kyle the most? “It’s honestly hard to pick what I love most about Kyle as everything he is makes me love him more everyday. His corky sense of humour grows more on me everyday. He’s outgoing, happy and always positive. We are quite opposites. He’s incredibly patient. Kind. Ridiculously generous. Expressive with his emotions and tells me everyday how much he loves me. There honestly couldn’t be a better man for me. Proposal or not I new we would be together for a lifetime.”

Some words from Kyle!

Kyle, what was the best part about planning the proposal? “How natural it felt and how easy it was to communicate with Sasha’s family. They were so responsive with crazy amounts of positivity. It made it that much easier. But truthfully it was easy to plan. Sasha did most of it planning the photos with you!! Even your response was amazing and how willing you were to do it. Overall the best part was knowing she didn’t know and that I was able to put something together to make her feel like she is on top of a mountain. It also solidified my feelings for her just knowing how easy and natural it was to do the planning.”

Any tips for proposing? “Hmmmm. Hire Sofia so she can give you a key word. Then you don’t have to choose the moment and you get forced into asking the question. But really it is easy. I say that because I knew what I wanted for my and our future. If the whole process of planning and doing the proposal is hard maybe think again lol.”

What I love most about Sasha is the way she takes care of me and our house and if the past is any indication of the future then our child. Bachelor Kyle was messy and less goal oriented. Since meeting Sasha we as a team have been able to purchase our house and get ready to start a family. Her personality is the perfect balance to mine. She makes me think smarter and more. She refuses to just agree with me making me think more about topics I would never think about. She has opened my eyes to the smaller more beautiful things in life. Pulled out my love for nature and increased my love of anything living. All these positive changes she has helped me achieve all while still allowing me to be a ridiculous joke making sarcastic asshole.

And yes. Within the 14 hours of our first date I knew. I knew that day that I had fallen for this girl. As a guy you are taught to shake your head and rethink. I tried but my feelings have never varied. 14 hours and she had no idea we would be together forever. I did. And now she is stuck with me!

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