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I just want it to be snowing | Calgary Christmas Proposal

December 31, 2014 Engagements, Weddings

“All I want is for it to be snowing, I even asked the restaurant if I could order snow!” -Kelly

Walking over the bridge into Prince’s Island Park was a quick meeting for Kelly and I as he only had 10 minutes to meet me. He was having dinner with his parents and long time girlfriend at a local restaurant and snuck out to finalize the details of his surprise proposal I would be photographing the next day. I came home a day early from holidays in Edmonton to be a part of this day with Kelly and Marissa, it was just too great of a day not to be part of.

Kelly had been emailing me since the middle of November and we had a chat over the phone to figure out a location for everything to happen. He had it all planned out. Secretly told his girlfriend he had plans so his mother could take her out to get her nails done. Little did she know it was because he was putting a really really beautiful ring on it. He had two of us photographers follow him secretly to get these photos and even the restaurant, The River Cafe knew they were coming, customizing their menus with their names and a congratulations on it!

Now that is a proposal….. But wait. THERE’S MORE!

Kelly and Marissa live in Toronto and her parents and sisters live there too. This Christmas they spent in Calgary to be with Kelly’s family and when they got home from the dinner after the proposal Kelly arranged to have all the family fly in from Toronto to congratulate Marissa in person! Her mother, father and sisters were all waiting secretly at Kelly’s parent’s home! Kelly, seriously, BEST PROPOSAL EVER!

Congratulations you two, thank you so much for having me be part of your love story. Happy New Year!!

xoxo Sofia.

Special thanks to my buddy Yves who froze his feet off with me to get these shots. You rock buddy!

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