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Luxe Magazine 2017

December 14, 2016 Beauty Portraits, Destination Weddings, Elopement, Engagements, Publications, Weddings

The new edition of Luxe Magazine is going to be out in the new year and the launch party was last night. I had so much fun catching up with some industry pals and getting to see the magazine in print! There is a ton of exciting work in the edition I can not wait to share with you all!

Jaimie Rankin and I did another beauty editorial for the magazine and I have to say, the owner Lynn Fletcher deserves a GIANT glass of wine for always trusting Jaimie and I with our beauty editorials every year. My first year I was chatting with Lynn and said “I think I want a girl to be wearing a turtleneck of flowers and then another girl with nothing on except high heels made of flowers!!”, then the following year…. “Hey Lynn!! Ohhhhh I think I’m going to put all the models topless in a black box with hanging mirrors and glass surrounding them!!” to this year “Ohhhh I think I want to put a bunch of girls in a tub with milk? You cool with this??” To which she always says “Sofia I totally trust you… ” And I bet she’s thinking… this girl is half crazy but it works haha!! Thank you again Lynn… I owe you that glass of wine soon! Congrats on another seriously gorgeous print!

My creative team for the shoot consisted of Jaimie Rankin for the makeup, Adam Ziorio for the lighting, and Chelsea, Talise, Netania, Madison (All my gorgeous models from Numa in the shoot, you girls were troopers up for one messy bath each haha!) And Talise…. I keep finding SPARKLESSSSS! hahaha!

In the engagement session section I have a couple client’s images who were published from their real engagement shoot in the Columbia Icefields here in Alberta. They are Madison and Alan who are getting married next summer! We had such a great session and shot at Tangle Falls in the dark to get that one WOW shot they have in the magazine. I actually grew up in Hinton with Alan and rode the school bus with Madison’s brothers in elementary. Can’t wait for the wedding you two!

And finally Julie and Sean’s wedding made it into the real weddings section and their image from Thunder Cove actually is the entry photo for that section of the magazine. These two had the most incredible scenery, moments and off the charts love for each other at their wedding. Thank you for flying Adam and I all the way to gorgeous PEI this last summer to capture your wedding at the Clinton Hills property. These two had us stay with Julie’s Aunt and she made us home made bread oh man…. I dream of this bread, she’s the best host ever! I hope you two are enjoying the most amazing honeymoon ever right now. Lots of love from back here in Calgary.

xo. Sof.
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