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May 22, 2010 Weddings

So stoked to see you all!! WOOOoooHHooooOO!!

Location: I am so so so stoked to be working at Jasper Lake with everyone!! Now there is NO CELL service there so make sure you are on time (even a smidge early as these are MINI photoshoots and all back to back). It will be super hard to stay on schedule if anyone is late. We will meet at the Jasper Lake small parking lot (on the left side of the highway if you are coming from Hinton, right side if you are coming from Jasper). Here are some helpful images to find the little parking lot if you are unfamiliar with the area.

CLICK HERE for a link to MAPS to the exact spot. When you arrive I will come get you at your vehicle. πŸ˜€

What do I wear??? We are going to be working with backgrounds of green and sand mainly (with a hint of wild flowers and bushes as well!). You can honestly come however you wish as long as your crew all looks like they belong together. A good idea is to pick 2-3 colors and have everyone in your family (or your partner) choose an outfit with those colors. Try to avoid everyone wearing the same thing (everyone in jeans and a white tee) and any sportswear with busy logos. As a general rule you want to all dress up a bit or if you are sticking to a casual theme just add some personal style in there. πŸ˜€ Ladies, if you want you can bring lipstick to touch up or a brush or anything you need to quickly make sure you look your best. I recommend your makeup be done a smidge heavier than your everyday wear to be able to read well on camera. πŸ˜€ SHOES, I am a big fan of no shoes for this location as it is sandy! You are free to wear shoes if you wish and I recommend bringing at least some sandals to get to whatever spot we wish to work in. πŸ˜€

Retouching & Editing: For the mini sessions I edit them with contrast, color temperatures and exposure in mind. I generally do not retouch any of these images (more advanced skin editing or body morphing) If there is something you are hoping will “go away” in these images please be sure to just let me know prior to the shoot (for example you hit your head and have a scratch on your forehead that is not normally there) I am happy to fulfill retouching requests as long as they are reasonable. Also sometimes there are things I can do with lighting and posing to help with concerns.

Family List: 15 images per shoot are included in this session fee. The way I love to go about the mini shoots is by mixing up candids with some posed images as well. Please let me know in a list form if there are certain combinations you are hoping to get. For example, some of the larger families coming may want all the grandkids with just grandma or all the kids as one shot. If you are a larger family coming I highly suggest making a list for the shoot of what you want combination wise. πŸ˜€ For the smaller families or couples I plan on getting some candids and posed shots for you guys to be able to get a good variety of a gallery for you. If you have any suggested shots or ideas, please bring them!! πŸ˜€

Weather: Currently we are looking pretty good for the majority of sessions in terms of weather. There was a slight chance of showers the other day but has just now been changed to only sun (we all know that can change quickly with our weather tho) and as said in the previous blog post we shoot no matter what. If in the case your shoot falls into a rainy time please come prepared with umbrellas. You would be shocked how beautiful rainy shoots can be. I have done many family shoots in the rain and they can end up being super colorful , vibrant green and playful! πŸ˜€

Remaining Balance: Please e-transfer your balances remaining to me priorΒ to the shoot or bring cash for when you see me. It is best if you send your transfer asap so I can receive it before being in the no internet cell service area.

Here is the schedule pals. If you have any questions at all just email me!! Looking forward to seeing you all and thank you so much for purchasing a mini!! xoxo. Sof.

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