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Enchanted Lord of The Rings Wedding at Maple Dell Acres | Sarah & Al

September 22, 2015 Weddings

So when Sarah and Al told me that The Lord of the Rings was going to be the theme of their wedding I really had no idea what to expect. I had these ideas of seeing that creepy little Gollum walk down the aisle and the officiant speaking with an old world accent. This wedding shocked me when I walked into the Barn at Maple Dell Acres. I was blown away by all the small hand details Sarah made and put together. She hand strung the lighting and really went all out to make sure this venue had an enchanted and romantic feel. This wedding was hands down one of the most unique themes I have ever worked with and I really loved being there that day. Here is some more words from the Bride, Sarah!

Sarah what was your favorite thing about the wedding?

It’s really difficult, actually impossible, for me to pick a single favorite moment, as the day was filled to the brim with them. That said, there are a few that stand out in my mind…

I remember being super nervous.. When I heard my processional start to play, I’m sure I went 10 shades whiter than I normally am (and that’s saying a lot, coming from a redhead!). I took a deep breath, took both my parents’ arms, and began to walk. I remember keeping my eyes glued to those three little stone stairs down to the ceremony area, as I was terrified I was going to trip and land on my face… and it wasn’t until I got to the bottom of them that I finally lifted my head to see Al at the end of the aisle, looking as handsome as ever, smiling at me. I was *this* close to bursting into tears of happiness right there, but somehow managed to keep it together. All that nervousness melted away when I saw him, and the crowd of people kind of faded into the background as I walked toward him.

Another favorite moment was when my little brother (although he’s not little anymore!) approached me in the receiving line. He seemed completely fine.. Until he got in front of me.. Next thing I know he bursts into tears. We gave each other a nice long hug, and we told each other we loved each other. He felt like a wimp for crying, but it was seriously the sweetest thing… it still makes me tear up when I think about it.

Although there are probably a dozen more, the final favorite moment I’ll mention was my first dance with Al. Typically I dislike being the center of attention, but it was such a beautiful moment to be in his arms, dancing to a song I love (as it played, Al said to me that the song was “pretty perfect” and that’s saying something, coming from him, haha!). I remember feeling beautiful and was overwhelmed by the love I felt when I looked into his eyes.

Sarah, tell us about your decor!
When I began planning my wedding Al basically gave me free reign.. and in fact, he was the one who encouraged me to incorporate my love of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I definitely didn’t want to do anything over the top, but did want there to be hints of Middle Earth, and in particular, the magic that those places was entrenched in. I spent countless hours on Pinterest and Google, hunting down ideas, searching for the best possible deals on décor, and then hours more on the DIY aspects of my wedding (big thank you goes out to my bridesmaids Rosanne and Megan, who I couldn’t have done my décor without, from wrapping mini grapevine wreaths in moss-covered wire to hot gluing burlap ribbon to mason jars.. the list is endless, and I am so grateful for all their time! More than anything, what influenced my décor was my excitement for our wedding, and my desire to create a world where the love Al and I felt for each other could be seen for what it was; magical.

Thank you to all the amazing vendors who helped pull this very unique wedding off! Here is a list of the team and a special thank you to my second photographer for this wedding Adam!

Floral Designer for Bouquets: Amborella Floral Studio
Cake: Al’s Aunt Sandra
Cupcakes: Cocoa Tree Bakery & Cakes
DJ: Chad, with Pulse Entertainment 
Hair: Maxwell Petersen from Volume Salons in Edmonton 
Makeup: Kiersten Metchewais
Wedding Gown: Delica Bridal (Edmonton). Designer: Jim Hjelm
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridal House (Edmonton). Designer: Bill Levkoff
Groom’s Suit: Moores. Designer: Vera Wang ‘Black’
Chair rentals: Special Event Rentals
Whiskey barrels: Rustic Rentals
Reception Flowers: Bunches Direct
Officiant: Dr. Mark Ryan 
Shoes: Le Château
Garter: Etsy seller LoveForeverBridal
Wedding Gown Belt: Etsy seller Wonderfulbride (based in Toronto)
Reception Location: Barn at Maple Dell Acres
Ceremony Location: Outside Maple Dell Acres
Caterer: Remi’s Catering

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