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ONE Beauty Academy | Calgary Beauty Photography

July 13, 2015 Beauty Portraits

Got to hang out with the very talented June 2015 Advanced Class at One Beauty Academy taught by Jaimie Rankin. These students put together some really great creative makeups and the results were pretty amazing. All images were shot with off camera flash and modifiers from magmod. Thanks for having Adam and I at the shoot!!

School: One Beauty Academy

MUA: One Beauty Academy Advanced Students (Amanda, Amber, Ryley, Maddi, Gabbi, Nicole)

Instructor: Jaimie Rankin

Models: Sinead (Sofia Models), Elyse (Sofia Models), Kayla (Numa Models), Miranda (Freelance), Jaclyn (Freelance), Bella (Sofia Models)

Black & White Images Below shot by Adam Ziorio Photography

Retouching: Sofia Katherine Photography
JCalgary Proposal Photographer Wedding Photography_0323.jpg

Calgary Proposal Photographer Wedding Photography_0324.jpg

Calgary Proposal Photographer Wedding Photography_0322.jpg

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