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The girl with the camera.

Ok. So you’re thinking of hiring me?? Or just snoopin’ who the heck I am… Well here’s me in a nutshell:

My laugh sounds like a dying bird being swatted out of mid air. True story, ask any of my clients. Wedding Photography is my full time career. I LOVE weddings. I love the energy of being in the room and challenging myself every single wedding to get unique photographs. You will often find me shooting through wedding table glassware, laying on the floor for a different angle or even photographing subjects through a nearby window. No, your photographer isn’t crazy and confused where she is supposed to be!!

I will most definitely be on your dancefloor and I give props to any Bride & Groom that know all the words to No Diggity. 90’s hiphop is my FAV on the wedding dancefloors!!

My dog looks like a furry kielbasa and I belong to a club for Weinerdog owners. It’s true. Ask my dog. His name is Luke and yes… he is a wiener dog.

I have a very talented boyfriend named Steve who skateboards (his insta is pretty lit, check it out HERE) and makes fun of me daily. We share a beautiful home in central Calgary and he is the amazing photographer taking all these great images of me. Thanks Steve, Love ya!

I tend to get to know my wedding clients pretty well, chances are we will end up in my jeep heading to a night location at some point of working together. I started photography when I was in Edmonton and was an avid concert goer. I posted a lot of concert photos to facebook and all of a sudden a bunch of friends kept asking me to photograph their weddings. So I said sure! Thought I wouldn’t like it and now I can’t get enough weddings in my life.

My job consists of hanging out with people on one of the best days of their lives when all of their crazy families and awesome friends are all in one room. Where was this job option when filling out ALIS career research in highschool? I would have definitely signed up had I know how awesome being a wedding photographer was.

Ok… Now I am rambling… Email me! I am nice, promise.

On the hunt for amazing moments, locations and couples always. Been doing this wedding photo thang since 2012 full time and still learning, growing and experimenting with my camera everyday.

Check out my personal instagram HERE  for more photos of weiner dogs, home made tacos and probably too many selfies.